USA Today – April 22, 2009
Deanna Neil featured in USA Today for release of Book 2,
The Land of Curiosities: Lost in Yellowstone (1872-1873)  Click here for more.

ABC News – April 22, 2009
David Neil and Deanna Neil interviewed on ABC News,  Click here to watch video.

Good Morning America Video

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Time Magazine for Kids – April 2008

Selects co-founder and author, Deanna Neil, as one of its six ‘Heroes for the Planet.’  Click for more.


The Acorn (California) – November 25, 2009

“Award-winning environmental author visits Oak Hills Elementary.”  Click for more.


Green TV – April 17, 2009

Deanna Neil interviewed.  Click here to view.


The Rachel Maddow Show – Air America Radio  – December 2007
Deanna Neil & David Neil interviewed on the Rachel Maddow Show

The Lionel Show – Air America Radio – January 23, 2008
Deanna Neil & David Neil interviewed on the Lionel Show

The Rye Sound Shore Review – February 1, 2008

“For everyone interested in the environment and also appreciative of some good fiction that’s enjoyable to the whole family, brother and sister Dave and Dee Neil have written a book that is the perfect combination of the two…”  Click for more. (see page 11)

Wesleyan University Press

“…Deanna, who majored in American Studies at Wesleyan and had previously written only non-fiction, says her goal was to engage kids with “fun and interesting characters,” not to “indoctrinate” them with political rhetoric. The Land of Curiosities is the first of three books set during the creation of Yellowstone and has received bi-partisan accolades from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), as well as from Republicans for Environmental Protection…”  Click for more.