Book Reviews

Ecoscene – December 2009

The Land of Curiosities: Lost in Yellowstone 1872-1873 named a 2009 top 10 eco-friendly holiday gift idea!

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Ecoscene – August 2009

“What a treasure this book is!”

The Land of Curiosities: Lost in Yellowstone will definitely become a part of my environmental curriculum. From the positive messages to the historical facts, this novel is a winner!”

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“Deanna S. Neil’s book Land of Curiosities is a great learning tool for students that desire to explore the past history of our national parks. This book is set during the initial opening of the first United States National Park, Yellowstone. Children will have the opportunity to explore past historical events and learn about exciting changes regarding the environmental progress within the United States. This book is aimed at ages 8 and up and it has an added historical section that shows pictures and information regarding the actual founding of Yellowstone.”

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“captivating and full of historical adventure set amid the Yellowstone wilderness…”

“When you tuck your children in at night and read to them, you’ll have additional peace of mind knowing that the children’s books you choose are from a green publisher that wholeheartedly supports their future. The EcoSeekers, founded by a brother and sister in 2006, is just such a publishing company.”

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The Order of the Earth – February 2009

“extremely entertaining…” – Review by Alisha Newsome, Age 11

(The Order of the Earth is the first global warming, hard-copy newspaper in the U.S.)

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Tree Hugger – April 2008

“…through Ms. Neil’s evocative and humourous words… the book [has] an authentic feel that will interest young readers to find out more. Through thought-provoking events, the characters’ relationship with nature deepens as the story progresses and leaves the reader in anticipation for the next book. Coming from an eco-business venture with a vision, Land of Curiosities is an admirable first publication geared to inspire a new generation of young people to join and take the Ecoseekers pledge to be responsible and proactive leaders who care for this earth.”

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