“I look forward to sharing ‘The Land of Curiosities’ with my own children so they may learn powerful lessons in environmental history through this entertaining and thought-provoking story. The EcoSeekers’ first book is a great achievement.”

– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Readable and entertaining, thought-provoking and educational, the Eco-Seekers’ debut, The Land of Curiosities, is a revelation for kids and parents alike. This series is sure to help readers appreciate the history of the conservation movement in America, and to inspire them to do all they can to preserve and protect our natural environment today.”

Dick Durbin, U.S. Senator (D-IL)

“A captivating adventure story that inspires a sense of wonder.”

-Richard Louv, Author, Last Child in the Woods

“EcoSeekers is an innovative and fun approach to showing the power and joy of environmentalism. While taking us on a journey through history, “The Land of Curiosities” tells us much about the challenges we face today. The investment you make in buying this book will return interest to the planet for generations to come.”

Frances Beinecke, President, Natural Resources Defense Council

“With good story telling, compelling characters, unusual natural wonders and intriguing wild creatures, this series will fascinate young readers while letting them thoughtfully consider past and current debates about how people interact with nature and wildlife.”

– Larry Schweiger, President and CEO, National Wildlife Federation

“Young readers will delight in “The Land of Curiosities: Adventures in Yellowstone 1871-1872.” This is the first in a series that introduces important historical events through courageous young characters, and highlights the importance of conserving our environment. A wonderful book for children and parents to read together.”

Nell Newman, Co-Founder and President, Newman’s Own Organics

“This book reminded me of all the books I loved so much as a kid. Just wish it had been in print back then! Once it’s published, I’ll buy a dozen copies to give to the budding conservationists I know.”

– Martha Marks, Co-Founder & President, Republicans for Environmental Protection

“The Association of National Park Rangers encourages parents, teachers, and others to use this book [The Land of Curiosities: Lost in Yellowstone, 1872-1873] to foster a preservation ethic in the most important generation — the next generation.”

-Scot McElveen, Former President, Association of National Park Rangers

“This series inspires a connection among young readers with that great American Idea, National Parks. These stories are engaging, and bring the adventures to life of young people who care deeply about their natural world.”

-Erika Jostad, President, Association of National Park Rangers


“The future of conservation lies in the next generation being excited, curious, and enticed by the wonders of nature and the majesty of our national treasures. The Land of Curiosities™ is a series of books that captures the thrill of good literature as a vehicle for that enticement, excitement, and curiosity of our national treasures by the next generation.”

– Brian A. Day Executive Director, North American Association for Environmental Education

“The Land of Curiosities: Adventures in Yellowstone 1871-1872″, offers one of the most complete pictures of the history of the destruction of the bison and the degradation of the natural resources of America I have read to date. The book does a wonderful job of illustrating the importance of conservation and protection of the resources of the natural world. This book is enlightening to not only the targeted audience of children but to adults as well.”

Jim Stone, Executive Director, Intertribal Bison Cooperative

“This page-turning adventure has all the makings of a roller coaster ride through history – that it also delves into important environmental and social issues means it is not just a great read but a book young people should read, a combination rarely achieved.”

Todd Paglia, Executive Director, ForestEthics

“This creative story will inspire the next generation of stewards for the environment and engage its readers in an understanding that something bigger than the human experience operates in the world. A most needed tool for a sustainable future.”

Rev. Sally G. Bingham, Environmental Minister for the Diocese of California & President of the Regeneration Project/ Interfaith Power and Light

“I was excited to see that the EcoSeekers included the role of religion and personal faith in defining America’s land ethic in a way that was enjoyable and accessible for young adults.”

– Peter Illyn, Restoring Eden/ Christians for Environmental Stewardship

“Young readers will identify in their hearts and minds with the vividly human actors in this compelling drama, set in a fascinating place in time and space. Through natural sympathy, they will absorb the important environmental and spiritual lessons of this well-written and entertaining book.”

– Rabbi Rachel Cowan, Director, The Institute for Jewish Spirituality

“A look at the country’s first national park through the eyes of young adventurers will appeal to those who want to learn more about Yellowstone and its mysteries.”

Phyllis Smith, Author/ Historian, Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley

“This engaging book vividly brings to life America ‘s wild west through wonderfully crafted adventures of discovery. It promises to both educate and entertain, and delivers a powerful message about the importance of worldwide conservation.”

– Tamar Datan, Executive Vice President, Amazon Conservation Team

“A brilliant job of weaving history with exciting adventure. This book inspires young people to be the change they want to see.”

-Mike Mease, Co-Founder, Buffalo Field Campaign

“A remarkable series: well-told stories with engaging and believable characters, which portray with accuracy and understanding a historical period, a pioneer way of life, and an ecological region. The Land of Curiosities™ has my highest recommendation.”

-Richard Slotkin, Olin Professor of American Studies, Wesleyan University

“Well researched and written and true to historical events and people. The Land of Curiosities™ should be of great interest to children and young adults—and even adults. I especially enjoyed the ‘Real History’ facts and figures.”

-Brian Shovers, Library Manager, Montana Research Center

“The Land of Curiosities™ is a creative introduction to both the history and ecology of Yellowstone Park. The book would be an excellent focal point for a classroom project or experience. It provides ample opportunities to entice students into further study.”

-Nate McClennen Head of School, Journeys School of Teton Science Schools