History of the Pledge

The year was 1872. The world’s first national park was created. But who was going to protect it? In the fictional story The Land of Curiosities, James, Tom, and Alice decided they would. So they gathered at a secret meeting spot, tied bands around their wrists and took a pledge to protect the environment.

wristbandA pledge is a promise. Sometimes a promise is to other people, sometimes it is to ourselves. But in the case of The EcoSeekers, the promise is with nature.

History of The EcoSeekers

In The Land of Curiosities, soon after James, Tom and Alice made a pledge to protect each other and the environment, they were joined by their friends — Chen, the McDonald twins, and Elizabeth — and created The EcoSeekers. They realized the time had come for coordinated action to protect the world’s first national park. Characters, real and fictional, have since joined them in their adventures to protect the environment not only in the Yellowstone ecosystem but everywhere!

In 2006, a brother and sister named David Neil and Deanna Neil became the first real people to take the pledge, inspired by the adventures of James, Tom, Alice and friends.