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Environmental Statement

We are committed to finding socially and environmentally responsible solutions to fulfill our mission of connecting kids and young adults with nature and environmentalism. We also pledge to provide transparent information about how we specifically integrate environmental and social considerations throughout our business.

We are proud members of (and meet the rigorous standards of) the Green Press Initiative and the Green Business Network.

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Books are:

* Manufactured in the United States of America on at least 30- 50% post-consumer recycled paper
* Produced on chlorine-free and acid-free paper
* Printed using soy-based inks
* Produced without dust jackets to save energy and reduce waste
* Use FSC-certified paper (Book 2; all bookmarks)


o Saved 60 trees
o Conserved 42 million BTUs of energy
o Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 5,317 Pounds (carbon equivalent)
o Prevented 22,073 gallons of waste water from being discharged
o Prevented 2,834 pounds of solid waste

*compared to conventional printing, according to analysis by the Green Press Initiative (an independent third party).

Tie-in products and apparel:

* Adhere to fair labor standards
* Use hemp and certified organic cotton (shirts, headbands, and wristbands)
* Use recycled materials (bags)
* Are manufactured by Native-Americans on Indian Reservations (moccasins, bracelets, walking stick)

Manuscript galleys and proofs for reviewers, business cards & stationery are:

* 100% recycled paper / 30% minimum galleys
* Wind energy offsets for manufacturing process and shipping (business cards)

* Furniture: Cradle-to-Cradle certified chairs, reclaimed wood book cases, bamboo waste containers, salvaged/ reused desks and shelves
* Recycled content and/or biodegradable office supplies
* Comprehensive recycling program

Website and webmail:
* Renewable energy credits through Native Energy


Last updated February 1, 2009